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Give It All Away - Jan Rot - Rot, Warm & Tender (24 Jan Rot Fans Cant Be Wrong) (Vinyl, LP, Album)


9 thoughts on “ Give It All Away - Jan Rot - Rot, Warm & Tender (24 Jan Rot Fans Cant Be Wrong) (Vinyl, LP, Album) ”

  1. Akinos says:
    Some cases of wet rot are smelt before they are seen, and the smell can best be described as like an old, rotten comic book. Fixing wet rot. If you have wet rot, the good news is wet rot can be treated, usually at a stage before any serious damage has occurred. The first step to wet rot treatment is to stop the source of water ingress.
  2. Muzshura says:
    What is dry rot and what causes it? What is dry rot? In a nutshell, dry rot is a wood destroying fungus that digests parts of the wood which give the timber strength and its structural integrity. It is a fungus that eats away at the cellulose component within wood turning it brown and ultimately reducing the timber to a dry and crumbly state with noticeable cuboidal fractures.
  3. Zurisar says:
    Dracula T-shirt from ROT T.V. ROT T.V. updated their profile picture. January 19 · See All. Recommendations and Reviews. ROT TV is the real deal!!!! They leave you wanting more!!!! gawddammit!!!! January 28, Proper Detroit rock n roll. January See All.
  4. Nakus says:
    All of these answers are wrong. Every shit that is taken is sent to a cryogenics lab where it is frozen and never allowed to rot. There are a lot of feces there I'm sure. Illusive_Man. Guru +1 y. Well it ain't exactly "rot", it's called decomposing, microbes and insects will breakdown and digest the feces over time in a natural.
  5. Ketaur says:
    Rot is one of the major causes of timber decay in old, historic and even modern buildings. The two most common types of wood rot are wet rot and dry rot, which are caused by fungal decay in building timbers.. A wide range of fungus species, known as ‘lignicolous’ fungi are responsible for damage, which can affect roof joists, window frames, floorboards, stairs and skirting boards.
  6. Dosida says:
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  7. JoJot says:
    Music. Rot, an album by German rapper Sabrina Setlur; Rot, an album by the German band [:SITD:]; Rotting, by the Brazilian metal band Sarcofago "Rot", a song by Northlane in album Node "Rotting", a song by Green Day in album Shenanigans.
  8. Mazurisar says:
    The most common wet rot we find in the home is the brown variety known as Cellar Fungus. Wet rot is simply the wood decaying naturally because of moisture it is almost always caused by a structural problem, a damp wall, poor or damaged paint work or simply water collecting on the timber. The cause must be sorted when the timber is treated for wet rot or it will reoccur.
  9. Yozahn says:
    Monday, July 7, I definitely want to add more color to several areas of the garden during this mid-summer period. Most of my borders look pretty good in the spring and early summer, but once the iris and peonies, etc. are finished, things are pretty "green" which is nice and I like it, but I think a little color would help jazz things up a bit.

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